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Family know-how

Our main activity is growing lavender and lavandin, a family affair for four generations. We have been pioneers inorganic farming for many years and are recognized for the high quality of our work.

It was during a family meal in 2015 that we came up with the idea of distributing our products directly. Until then, we sold our production to wholesalers or agricultural cooperatives.

It was with this in mind that myself, Samuel (22) and my partner Emma (20) decided to devote ourselves full-time to this culture, leaving the production side to my father so that everyone had all the space they needed to develop their part of the business to the full.

Our commitments

We work both organically and traditionally, and are currently in the process of converting to biodynamic farming.
Thanks to you, we now sell most of our production direct, which enables us to add value and offer you the real price of the product, without any intermediaries.


in 5 working days


100% recyclable

Produced and manufactured

in France


Organic Farming

Discover our range

Welcome to the heart of Provence, where the song of the cicadas echoes over the lavender fields that stretch as far as the eye can see. Here, on the
Plateau de Valensole
our family has been cultivating the treasures of this fertile land, bathed in sunshine and a love of nature, for four generations.

For us, “organic
“is not just a label, it’s a philosophy of life. We are committed to producing
essential oils
soaps honeys and
olive oil
that reflect the authenticity and purity of Provence. All our products are
organic farming
respectful of the environment and your well-being. For our soaps and
we use onlyhigh-quality olive oil ororganic sunflower oil, for incomparable softness and guaranteed purity.

As you browse through our range, you will discover the treasures of Provence, from hydrolats with rare essences, honeys scented with lavender or garrigue plants, cold-pressed olive oils to preserve all their flavors. And of course, our famous
essential oils of lavender
symbols of our terroir.

When you choose our products, you’re doing more than just making a purchase. You’re immersing yourself in true Provence, the land of vibrant colors, intense aromas and age-old traditions. You support organic, eco-responsible agriculture that respects nature and people. And you take care of yourself, with healthy, natural products that turn every daily gesture into a moment of pleasure.

Embark with us on a sensory voyage to the heart of Provence, and discover the simple, authentic pleasure of our organic products. Because the beauty of Provence is much more than a landscape, it’s a way of life.

Our stores

In Valensole
Cabane sur la route de Manosque

Route de Manosque on the D6

Open from June to July during flowering season, all year round by appointment.
Rue Albert Richaud dans le centre de Valensole

Rue Albert Richaud

Open from May to October


The pleasure of gift-given

This Christmas, treat yourself or your loved ones to the very essence of lavender and lavandin grown on the Valensole plateau.

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